Obesity usually fall under various categories and therefore the cure for each type could be different from that of another. It is usually important to get a first-hand information about the type of obesity before embarking on a possible cure.

Simple Obesity

  • This category of obesity usually represents the majority of the reported cases.
  • It is usually as a result of obese people taking in much more calories which cannot be effectively burnt by the body.
  • The amount of calories which the body can be said to burn differs from one individual to the other.
  • This depend on factors which include lifestyle and the metabolic activity of the body.
  • A few people are capable of burning a lot of calories hence they can eat a lot of them.
  • However others burn fewer calories and can consequently eat less.
  • The cure for this is to consult the professionals in the medical world to establish how much calories one need to consume with respect to age, height and gender.
  • One can get these guidelines from doctors as well as dieticians who can help one to have a good plan of meals to avoid overeating.
  • The cure is basically simple and involves monitoring ones intake of calories, exercising and dieting.
  • One should consult his or her doctor on the best and safe ways for dieting more so if they suffer from anemia, heart problems, diabetes or hypertension.

Secondary Obesity

Secondary is mostly caused by conditions in the body that results to the imbalance of the hormones.

ü  This makes one to gain weight even when one exercises or diet.

ü  Some thyroid conditions may make you gain a lot of weight due to side effects.

ü  Insulin tumors, cushing syndrome and ovary syndrome may cause secondary obesity.

ü  The cure for this is to just have a blood test to establish if one has these conditions and embark on proper medication as guided by a physician.

Childhood Obesity

An increasing majority of young children as well as adolescents exceeds the range set for healthy weights.

  • Kids and adolescents that are obese have a higher risk of having complications during growth.
  • These include hypertension and diabetes which might interfere with their adult life.
  • The recommended cure for childhood obesity is to engage in eating healthy food and doing exercises right from a tender age so as to avoid buildup of complications later in old age.

Abdominal Obesity

  • Abdominal obesity comes when excess fat is usually distributed at the abdomen region as well as the back.
  • It mostly occur in men.
  • The cure for this obesity is to exercise the abdominal region and the back more frequently to get rid of excessive fat as well as eating food with less calories.

Limb Obesity

  • This type occur when excess fat is much concentrated in thighs, legs, arms and buttocks.
  • It is mostly found in women and the cure is exercising the limbs frequently to burn excess fat.

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