5 Responses to Is it okay to still take Alli weight loss pills after it’s expiration date?

  • Seagull says:

    It’s never OK to take Alli. Unless of course you want to die a nasty, painful, humiliating death from irreversible liver damage.

  • ĸatrina Di∂es says:

    It’s not ever okay to take something after it’s exp. date . . . that date is there for a reason.

    And honestly, just because thirty people report problems with Alli is not enough to convince me that Alli is going to make me suffer a painful death. It’s common for a group of people to react horribly to one type of medication.

    So 30 out of the thousands who have taken it without problems . . . . *cough*

  • Brennan says:

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  • Emma says:

    It probably depends on how long after the expiration date it is. It won’t be harmful, it’s just that usually things begin to be less effective after the pass their expiration date and they have to give a cutoff where they know it’s still fully effective. If it’s not too far past that date it should still be quite effective.
    Good luck!

  • Sandy says:


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