Im considering getting me some pills so i can lose like 20-30 lbs. I’m not just relying on the pills….i plan on eating right and excersizing as well but the pills just speed up the process of weight loss right???

12 Responses to Does the weight loss pills Hydroxycut really work???

  • Zero Z says:

    No just eating right and exercising is the only way

  • lina28 says:

    don’t depend on pills.just make a life style change. eat healthy and exercise. don’t look for a quick fix.

  • sugarbdp1 says:

    Nope I tried them & they don’t work

  • CJ says:

    Please, stay away from them. I know their ads look great, but the pills don’t do anything for you. It’s the diet and exercise that does it. If you really want a supplement, take a multivitamin. A lot of times when a person decides to diet, they end up lacking in some nutrients so the multivitamin will help. Good luck!

  • lewis s says:

    I tried Hydroxycut once and they made my stomach hurt so bad I threw them away. Supplements do help but its best to eat the right foods but a lot less

  • vanay says:

    The ‘weight-loss’ industry is a multi-billion dollar business! There’s just one little fly in the ointment…most if not all of the so-called products, do absolutely nothing. *Unless, you count, bronchial-dialators, which increase breathing, and raise heart-rate and blood-pressure. The chances of the ‘average’ person losing 3 to perhaps, even 10 pounds, is being optimistic. (*That would also be including the exercise and eating habits change.
    Hydroxycut, is featured ‘a little’ more in fitness magazines, although, they can be seen, elsewhere, as well. For ‘some’ people, with a combination of diet changes, and exercise…there has been visable results. Every person ‘gains’ weight differently, and every person ‘loses’ weight differently. What may work for ‘you’, may not work for ‘me’…
    Good Luck!

  • nekas_bubbly says:

    zantrax works for me lost 43 pounds in one month

  • Hershey says:

    No – check out either SlimQuick or NV.

    Friend of mine had great results, with positive feedback.

    Make sure you post your results after trying…..

  • ang says:


  • nobody's hero says:

    Hydroxycut should be called Hypoopsycut cuz it makes you poop all the time,cheaper to add more fibre to your diet than take it. It also causes heart palpitations which are uncomfortable.Try doing 50 jumping Jacks as soon as you wake up to kick start your metabolism for the day. Make sure you stick to whole grains in breads and pastas instead of white. Eat lots of fruit and veggies and drink 8-12 glasses of water. Work out at least 30mins a day and lift weights 3-4 times per week(helped me shed 20lbs). Good Luck!!!

  • STONE ROLLED says:

    Hydroxycut is one of the best OTC.

  • Ron Slim says:

    Yes Hydroxycut does work but I recommend Zenalean Pro as being better. If you do use Hydroxycut, make sure you get the nex hydroxycut Hardcore

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