I don’t exercise much, but I have cut my calories from about 2,800 a day to 1,200 a day. Will this make a difference in my weight at all? I am currently around 210 lbs and 5’5 (which is bad 🙁 ). I know that I should exercise and I will start when I find an activity I like, but for now, does cutting calories help at least a little bit alone?
Wow! Thanks for the answers! My mom and I cut calories and she has me on this 1,200 thing. I get so tired and I feel like I need to eat one more meal, which makes sense if 1,600 is the healthier solution. I don’t want to be anorexic, so I’m definitely going to increase my calories to 1,600. And the worst part is, my mom freaks out when I go over even 900 calories a day. She’s lost 70 pounds before, but she gained it all back within like a year. I think she was starving herself too much. I don’t like her diet, so I’m just going to do what I feel is healthy and safe. 1,600 will give me energy to want to exercise. Thanks again. It’s hard to choose the best answer, though. I think I’ll let the community vote on this one.

13 Responses to Does cutting calories alone with no exercise also result in weight loss?

  • Lex says:

    Of course.

  • Matt says:

    it might, but it is very unhealthy to do that.

  • Chris A says:


  • zekzain66 says:

    yes it does but the weight loss is slow. you really should continue to eat regularly and watch the portions . remember it is not what you eat it is how much you eat that puts on the weight

  • Jessica says:

    Yes! There’s about 3,500 calories in a pound! Don’t cut back too much at a time or your body might think your starving it and it will make it harder to lose weight! Anorexia is a horrible thing so don’t go to far with cutting back!

  • Jonas Addict <3 says:

    it will help, but to be healthy and slim you should excercise for at least 30 mins a day. the weight loss will be more effective and will work faster!
    good luck 🙂

  • MuayThaiKindaGuy says:

    Yes, but that’s too many calories. I would cut down to 1,500 at the most, otherwise your body will go to starvation mode, you’ll get really bad cravings, and just ONE indulgence will put you back where you started. Yes, exercise can be hard to start, and yes, I strongly suggest you find one you enjoy. But for now, just try walking at least a mile or so, or hey, go to the pool. Swimming is a GREAT exercise and is low impact. Builds up your heart as well, so you’ll do better in all areas of life. Please consider this urging to start exercise, as leading a sedentary life can be harmful to your health, and just losing weight because of reducing your food won’t aid you in the long run. Don’t put it off till tomorrow, because that day may never come when you decide you want to work out. I wish you the best of luck.

  • debica says:

    u need at least 1600 calorie per day, (it depends on how active you are through out the day)
    so u are now taking 1200 calorie, which is less than what u need.
    you will lose weight, but it will be really slow. and your body metabolic rate will decrease without any exercise and less food. So you will lose weight even slow.

    but if you cut more calories than you already doing, then you will have saggy skin, coz only exercise can keep your muscles toned.

  • Hackiyian says:

    Yeah that will help, but don’t cut your calories so drastically. Because once you start losing more weight, you have to decrease calories even more, and you shouldn’t go below 1,200. So try just eating 2,000 a day for a start. Then lower it gradually. Remember- 500 calorie deficient a day equals 1 pound a week.

  • Donnelle M says:

    your cutting off a lot, so your body WILL have to pull from fat reserves, but it wont be the wight loss you want (basically, just in your breasts) and then it will stop. It won’t be enough to get you in the “healthy” range, but the better you eat, variety wise, and how you eat, small many meals regularly instead of one or two big meals will make the difference in how much you lose as well.

    while your trying to find that activity, do little things. use a stepping stool to reach something? step up and down a good ten or twenty times for the heck of it. need something at the gas station? walk if it’s close enough and you have nothing better to do. try to use every day to an advantage.

    I’m doing (both healthy, small eating and short bursts of “exercise”) this and while I’m not loosing weight, which is hard for me, but I stayed well within the 130-140 range, which I haven’t been since before puberty smacked on some more pounds. unfortunately I have become more sedentary as of late, adn I have stopped some of my meals, cutting down to two, adn gained about 10 pounds since, but I have managed to hold off the weight under 160 thus far.

    good luck in your fight sister *wink*

  • Qextor says:

    Yes – you can lose weight by cutting calories alone. Exercising (even taking your iPod for a brisk walk around the block for 30 minutes a day) will help even more.

    The one proviso – if you want to stick with 1200 calories, you must make sure your meals are nutritionally balanced, or else you will make yourself sick through not eating enough essential nutrients.

    The easiest way to keep yourself healthy on a low calorie diet is to learn to love vegetables. Potatoes and corn, along with bread and pasta, should be eaten in moderation, as they are high in carbs; focus on leafy dark green veg, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and the like. There are some good cookbooks on how to make really tasty vegetable dishes in bookstores; go take a look.

    Choose low fat proteins, such as chicken, turkey, and salmon over beef and pork. Avoid processed foods, take-away, and ready-to-eat foods, as they have too much salt, fat, and sugar for such a low calorie diet. Use fruit as a dessert instead of cake or cookies; in moderation due to the high sugar content. It’s a healthier sugar than cookies, but sugar all the same.

  • Anne J says:

    Sure you will. But will you keep it off without exercise? I’ve been there and done that. Maybe you don’t like any kind of exercise because you don’t want to go to a gym? I can totally empathize with that! Have you heard o S trip That Fat? A friend of mine tried it and was very successful. She tried exactly what you’re doing and eventually got tired of being hungry all the time and so started gradually going back to her old ways. Adding some exercise to your “plan” provides more leeway. How about starting with just a walk around the block everyday. Then work up to twice around or something. I mean we have to be realistic – we’re not all able to jump in to 8 hours of exercise a day like we see on the Biggest Loser!! (I just watched the latest episode!).
    Anyway, I’d definitely check the diet out and for sure start out with a little exercise before you lose your momentum or get discouraged!
    Good Luck!

  • seredukhina says:

    Hi, yes, it will help, but 1200 cal per day is REALLY not enough for a mature woman. I would strongly recommend to add 300 cal to your daily diet. Hope you can find some activity you like quite soon because nothing works better then a diet plus working-out.
    Good luck with that!

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