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If you could choose between burning fat with a “lose weight fast” pill or by a diet program with guaranteed results with no drugs and no supplements…which would you do?

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I really need some tips on loosing weight. I do weigh a lot for my height, but I dont look like I weight what I do. Still, I would like to loose about 20 lbs for now. I’m wondering if… Continue reading

After graduating Basic training in 2005 I was a twig thanks to three months worth of physical training. Now six years of service in the Infantry and two deployments I find my self in a long depressing state that has… Continue reading

I mean what is the expected weight lost per day?

I just would like your opinion. If I run/speed walk (run for 3 walk for 3 untill 25 minutes is over) and do this for 3 months straight every day how much weight do you think I could lose. (i… Continue reading

First off, I’m not asking for a sermon on how diet and exercise are better….I know all that stuff! I’m in the healthcare field.

What I REALLY want to know is if pills for weight loss and/or appetite suppression really… Continue reading

i’ve been on a healthy balanced diet for 2 months and lost 4 kgs! (8 pounds) but i i had the flu a couple of days ago and didn’t eat anything for 2 days…someone told me something about starvation mode.… Continue reading