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how can i buy a best weight loss pills?

i need to lose at least 20 to 30 pounds
b4 school starts and thats like in 2 months
and good diet plans that work??

I am 5’2″ and have a petite frame. I don’t ever trust calorie calculators because I don’t think they apply to me. I don’t think I’m supposed to eat as much as the average person, but I don’t want to… Continue reading

I’ve been going to the gym for just 5 days now, in a row, and I do cardio, 15-20 min and then do some other things on machines for legs, arms, butt etc etc…. when I do cardio, and after… Continue reading

Ok so I am a little confused. I have read and heard everywhere that safe weight loss is about 1 to 2 pounds per week, in some places I have even read that it can be safe to lose up… Continue reading

My friend said thats how she lost weight quickly. I have 20 lbs to lose!!

I’m slightly disabled on feet, running is near impossible , but I walk two hours every day at a fast pace, and want something else to do. To be more specific about disability, my toe has an injury similar to… Continue reading

Just wondering which weight loss pills have worked the best for other people? I have tried Hydroxycut in the past and that worked…but I have heard good things about Relacore and Slimquick as well. Any advice?